Friday, August 14, 2015

15 keys to being a successful student

Let's review the most important characteristics that must be met for success is a natural consequence of our performance.

Positive thinking. Which means you have to be motivated and determined to achieve the goals and objectives.

Organization. Fundamental to success in any project to relocate later. In this study it involves planning the study period, arming calendars whether real or virtual calendars, notes and organize materials.

Apply study skills. The development of memory, speed reading, accustomed to doing abstracts, emphasize and build summary tables are some of the tools that will make learning easier.

15 keys to being a successful student
15 keys to being a successful student

Rest and sleep well. Energies must be full in order to perform in the best way. We talked in previous notes on student’s insomnia and other related issues. Remember that too much coffee is bad.

Having a study group. We saw how to form a team of study and do practical work as a group. Also the value of studying to stay with the same people throughout the race and what to do if group conflicts.

Develop study habits and discipline. Own responsibility and demand are the features that better define a successful student.

Focus on exams. We always say that it is very good to learn, but is of little use if we do not pass the exams. How to put together an agenda, how to solve a multiple choice test, and address the complicated questions, such as making a lengthy examination, as do a test against the clock, in short, all those issues that we are speaking on this site.

Study of books. The books never go out of fashion, may change the format, but a student will always depend on them.

Fortitude and patience. Because sometimes things may not go well and it should not influence the rest of things. Assimilate the errors and get up after a failure they are also characteristics of a successful student.

Take good notes in lesson. Important. As with records, skill can advance, but a pen, a pad of paper and a concentrated brain are more than enough to get all the juice to a class.

Constantine. That translates to put the same effort of all the days since your care start to finish.

Ask in class and removed doubts. A student cannot go to a class with too many doubts. All those big questions must be answered by teachers. To do this, you just have to raise your hand and ask.

Do not leave everything to the last minute. This is difficult for many students.

Study beyond what you teach and become self-taught. This way you will not need to rely on teachers. This does not mean you have to miss school, but I feel more independent of them.

Bring the matter to date. That will have to spend a few hours studying daily.


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