Friday, August 14, 2015

Organize the study day studying full time without losing

In this article we will see how it should be organized to study the day as short as possible, while studying everything you need.

First we have a comprehensive curriculum covering several weeks. No need to have it written, but in our minds. Know that to date we know that such issue or from another date, start another topic on the course, it helps us to know where we stand

Based on this general plan, we can plan the day of study before you start. To do this, we set a maximum time of study. They can be 2 hours, 4 or 8. Everyone knows and knows its limit. Within that time we set, we meet the goals and that brings us to the next point.

Determine how many subjects to study, or how many notes summarize, or how many exercises to do, always focused on assimilating the issues. To be clear, we must prioritize quality over quantity. It's not a race to see how much more to do. The idea is to learn the issues and point.

Organize the study day studying full time without losing
Organize the study day studying full time without losing

Once we know what we will do during the day and up to which time we will be sitting studying should prepare the study environment. It is the easiest of all, gather all the elements we need to not interrupt course. It is also the time to turn off the PC, mute the phone and everything that distracts us.

Determine recess. Each should therefore be cut 5 to 10 minutes. How often? That's up to each. They may be periods of 40 to 50 minutes, sometimes longer. You can use any electronic devices like cell or to program the alarm clock to ring at recess bell mode.

Finally, most importantly, commit to yourself, concentrate and give your best self. It's time to study!

And there is much more to say. In future notes Minds Freed we will address the issue of concentration and in what ways we are studying whether long or short.


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