Get University Information Worldwide with Jobs

Free know about University admission notice, seat, fees, Jobs and many more varsity information of Bangladesh also Worldwide.

Get University Information Worldwide with Jobs

Free know about University admission notice, seat, fees, Jobs and many more varsity information of Bangladesh also Worldwide.

Get University Information Worldwide with Jobs

Free know about University admission notice, seat, fees, Jobs and many more varsity information of Bangladesh also Worldwide.

Get University Information Worldwide with Jobs

Free know about University admission notice, seat, fees, Jobs and many more varsity information of Bangladesh also Worldwide.

Get University Information Worldwide with Jobs

Free know about University admission notice, seat, fees, Jobs and many more varsity information of Bangladesh also Worldwide.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Post: Assistant Sales Officer and More | Organization: Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project

Post: Assistant Sales Officer and More

Organization: Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project (IAPP) | Ministry of Agriculture

Source: The Daily ittefaq, Date of Published: August 27, 2015

Post: Assistant Sales Officer and More Organization: Integrated Agricultural Productivity Project

Organization: Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

Post: Assistant Sales Officer and More

Organization: Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

Source: The Daily ittefaq, Date of Published: August 27, 2015

Post: Assistant Sales Officer and More | Organization: Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation
Post: Assistant Sales Officer and More | Organization: Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

Friday, August 14, 2015

15 keys to being a successful student

Let's review the most important characteristics that must be met for success is a natural consequence of our performance.

Positive thinking. Which means you have to be motivated and determined to achieve the goals and objectives.

Organization. Fundamental to success in any project to relocate later. In this study it involves planning the study period, arming calendars whether real or virtual calendars, notes and organize materials.

Apply study skills. The development of memory, speed reading, accustomed to doing abstracts, emphasize and build summary tables are some of the tools that will make learning easier.

15 keys to being a successful student
15 keys to being a successful student

Rest and sleep well. Energies must be full in order to perform in the best way. We talked in previous notes on student’s insomnia and other related issues. Remember that too much coffee is bad.

Having a study group. We saw how to form a team of study and do practical work as a group. Also the value of studying to stay with the same people throughout the race and what to do if group conflicts.

Develop study habits and discipline. Own responsibility and demand are the features that better define a successful student.

Focus on exams. We always say that it is very good to learn, but is of little use if we do not pass the exams. How to put together an agenda, how to solve a multiple choice test, and address the complicated questions, such as making a lengthy examination, as do a test against the clock, in short, all those issues that we are speaking on this site.

Study of books. The books never go out of fashion, may change the format, but a student will always depend on them.

Fortitude and patience. Because sometimes things may not go well and it should not influence the rest of things. Assimilate the errors and get up after a failure they are also characteristics of a successful student.

Take good notes in lesson. Important. As with records, skill can advance, but a pen, a pad of paper and a concentrated brain are more than enough to get all the juice to a class.

Constantine. That translates to put the same effort of all the days since your care start to finish.

Ask in class and removed doubts. A student cannot go to a class with too many doubts. All those big questions must be answered by teachers. To do this, you just have to raise your hand and ask.

Do not leave everything to the last minute. This is difficult for many students.

Study beyond what you teach and become self-taught. This way you will not need to rely on teachers. This does not mean you have to miss school, but I feel more independent of them.

Bring the matter to date. That will have to spend a few hours studying daily.

Organize the study day studying full time without losing

In this article we will see how it should be organized to study the day as short as possible, while studying everything you need.

First we have a comprehensive curriculum covering several weeks. No need to have it written, but in our minds. Know that to date we know that such issue or from another date, start another topic on the course, it helps us to know where we stand

Based on this general plan, we can plan the day of study before you start. To do this, we set a maximum time of study. They can be 2 hours, 4 or 8. Everyone knows and knows its limit. Within that time we set, we meet the goals and that brings us to the next point.

Determine how many subjects to study, or how many notes summarize, or how many exercises to do, always focused on assimilating the issues. To be clear, we must prioritize quality over quantity. It's not a race to see how much more to do. The idea is to learn the issues and point.

Organize the study day studying full time without losing
Organize the study day studying full time without losing

Once we know what we will do during the day and up to which time we will be sitting studying should prepare the study environment. It is the easiest of all, gather all the elements we need to not interrupt course. It is also the time to turn off the PC, mute the phone and everything that distracts us.

Determine recess. Each should therefore be cut 5 to 10 minutes. How often? That's up to each. They may be periods of 40 to 50 minutes, sometimes longer. You can use any electronic devices like cell or to program the alarm clock to ring at recess bell mode.

Finally, most importantly, commit to yourself, concentrate and give your best self. It's time to study!

And there is much more to say. In future notes Minds Freed we will address the issue of concentration and in what ways we are studying whether long or short.

Motivated to study better

One of the keys to perform better in studies is the attitude that we. How much more positive the better. Let us know a few simple tips to stay well motivated.

Study team. Motivation is contagious so it is very good to study together. Get together with people with positive mindset and seek overcome.

Compete. Take advantage of your group and competed, but always in a friendly way and play. There must be a way to improve our skills, not for fighting.

Paste text into your studio environment. They can be stoic, motivational phrases or poems. The name of the title you will have when you receive, such as "doctor", "licensed" or "engineer". It can help you take the career path you are carrying out and which lists the subjects crossed out and surrendered.

Motivated to study better
Motivated to study better

Listen to positive music. Just before you start to study and during your day, for example when you go on public transport to your study center. Your mood can be influenced by the type of music you play.

View motivational videos. It is full of them on the internet. The best times to do this is to start your day of study at some interval, or night before an exam.

View the goal. Close your eyes and imagine the time you deliver the exam with a passing grade. Or even further, imagine the time you get the final title of your career. Visualization exercises help keep us motivated to keep the course and remember why we do what we do.

Reward yourself for meeting goals. A simple goal may be "to study two chapters of the book today." If you comply, you feel like a chocolate, or an hour of television, or God's sake. If you do not comply with it, you deprive yourself of the pleasure.

You have to understand that both in the studio and in any other area of ​​life, optimistic thinking and desire that you put will be determinant to achieve your goals and to reach your goal.

10 signs that you were wrong career

Something inside tells you you're not doing what you really like. The results confirm this, is it enough to say that you were wrong to race? Let's see all the signs that tell you that what you study is not your thing.

Before we begin, I would note that in this paper will discuss the most common signs that students have when choosing a career for which no conditions. This does not mean that they can not take. There are many people who study careers they do not like, but nevertheless, manage to be received.

10 signs that you were wrong career
10 signs that you were wrong career

Sometimes, it happens that a student gets bad results and the first thought is "I was wrong career." This can be a mistake because there are very difficult races in which the results are usually adverse. Ben to begin, now. If you missed career insurance you will identify with most or all of the following items.

Prefer other subjects: What you study every day you do not like at all. Instead, the subjects render envy of your friends who attend other careers.

Bad results. Always compared with the rest. If you're in a race in which everyone would often go wrong at first, then you will fare worse than others.

Slow to grasp concepts. Again with the rest of your classmates. You can see how others manage easily understand issues that you take you several hours.

No you project. Did you look at three years studying the same? Simply you cannot imagine studying and approving existing materials and those that follow.

Ease with complementary subjects. You'll do better in subjects that do not belong to the hard core of your career. Those with other orientation.

Physical symptoms. Every time you have to read the notes feel something in your stomach that makes you feel good. Or when curses you have a strange sense of "should not be here." This is the clearest sign that you're not doing what you really want to sign. Listening to your body is the best way to guide us.

Not interested in the profession. What you say and what you comment with your peers. Your goal is to meet you, but you do not care at all exercise.

Motivation others. The reason that you study the race is by tradition in your family since all studied it or because it's studying with your friends, or girl / or that you like, or because they force you to study or because you liked the name, but had no idea it was.

Lack of enthusiasm. The teacher announced that the next class will explain a certain topic and you see your teammates get excited, but you will not budge.

You stay with what you get. Terminus ends the class or studying at home and make anything but something related to the topics you study. Do not martens updated or investigate anything related. You have no curiosity at all by what you study, for you it's just an obligation.

To err career is not serious, it can happen to anyone. In these notes we will address the issue and see how it should guide us to choose something that we really like and fill us.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

11 scholarship programs for studying in the United States

Training costs in the US are high and so you approach the 11 programs of scholarships to study there without debt.

United unidoses one of the best international destinations to study, and preferred by young people. Most of the Top 10 most prestigious rankings (Shanghai, QS, THE ...) are almost fully occupied by US universities. It is a quality training and different from Spain, but the costs are very high. Therefore, we approached 11 programs of scholarships to train you there:

11 scholarship programs for studying in the United States
11 scholarship programs for studying in the United States


Aimed at university level students interested in forming business, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering and Construction Management or Building.

2. AAUW International Fellowships

For international students who want to further your education degree (master, doctorate, postgraduate). The grant amounts range from US $ 18,000 to US $ 30,000.


This program is aimed at students of all nationalities who wish to study sustainable agriculture in the United States. The allocation of grants ranging from US $ 2,500 to US $ 10,000.


These scholarships are for American and foreign students, with different provisions, and to participate you must write an essay about a work of Ayn Rand.


All international students aged 14 to 35 who have been admitted to a center of American studies may opt for this grant of $ 10,000, for which need to create a card with a photo or graphic design.


4,000 scholarships are intended for international students and are funded and managed by the State Department. They are prestigious and their system of selection is long and rigorous.


All international students who have been admitted to a US university may apply for a place, the amount is between $ 500 and $ 5,000.


Students of any nationality to carry out studies of Communication Sciences, Computer Engineering, and similar fields may opt for these grants.


Specifically targeting women with master's degrees or doctorates, the program offers 200 grants of $ 10,000 each, but with the condition that after completing their studies return to their country of origin.


For international and American students admitted in a US university. UU. participate actively in the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). The endowment is $ 10,000.

11. Richie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

College students, master or doctorate of any nationality can choose these scholarships, provided that their studies are oriented Accounting, Business Administration, Finance or Criminal Justice. There are 30 scholarships with a budget of between US $ 1,000 and US $ 10,000.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bangladesh UGC offers Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program

University Grants Commission (UGC)
Agargaon, Dhaka-1207
Phone: 8181631
Email Us , Visit Website

UGC, Bangladesh offers Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2015
PhD Level.
a. The candidate must be a teacher of a public university in Bangladesh. No part time teacher will be considered for the fellowship.

b. Candidates must have a PhD degree.

c. The upper age limit for applicants is 50 years as on 01-01-2015.

d. Fellowships are meant for full-time researcher and the applicant must be granted study leave/deputation by the respective authority if he/she is selected by the UGC of Bangladesh for the fellowship.
A Post-Doctoral fellow shall receive an allowance of Tk. 20,000/- per month.

The tenure of the fellowship in one year.
Important Info
Scholarship for: PhD Level.
Total Scholarship: 0
Start Date: February 08, 2015
Last Date: March 08, 2015
More Info:
Apply Procedure
Prescribed application forms and guidelines may be obtained from the Research Support and Publication Division of the UGC of Bangladesh or downloaded from the UGC's website UGC website.

Applications must be submitted through proper channel along with the required documents to the Director Research Support and Publication Division, UGC. The soft copy has to be sent to (

Incomplete applications shall be considered as rejected.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

How Evernote Improves Organization In and Out of the Classroom

Over the past few years, Evernote, an educational app designed to
improve organization and collaboration in the classroom has continued to
thrive and grow. Originally it started as an app with the ability to
easily archive notes, Evernote has expanded to ease the jobs of both
teachers and students. Evernote has now given students and teachers
more benefits by adding additional utilities. The best part of all  is
this free app is available to students on all different devices such as:
smart phones, tablets, and laptops for Windows, Mac and Android. While
there is a free version of Evernote, students and teachers may pay a
small amount to gain access to more memory and utilities for education.

When you sign up for Evernote, users have access to really helpful
programs. StudyBlue allows students to easily create flash cards, which
can be used for studying large amounts of information quickly. Also,
RefMe enables students to cite literature easily as well as
bibliographies  and other assignments. Biscuit is another interesting
program that allows students to improve their use of language while
increasing their vocabulary, through word lists and dictionary tools.

One of the most interesting apps of Evernote is called eHighlighter,
which truly improves the organization of students in and out of the
classroom. Students can simply take a photo of their notes or the class
blackboard and upload their photo to eHighlighter.  The app will then
archive the students notes. Essentially, the notes within the photo are
translated into text as if it were typed into a computer. eHighlighter
then enables students to go back and review their notes by running
searches  of specific key words within the notes. This allows students
to easily find and review specific parts of their notes relating to
specific class topics. As these notes are available in a digital media,
students have full access to clearly written notes on their phone,
tablet, or laptop. Furthermore, eHighlighter's features are not limited
to class notes. Students can  take pictures of textbook passages,
figures, graphs, homework assignments, and even confusing math problems
worked out on a blackboard. eHighlighter then organizes all of these
notes and rewrites the notes clearly  to be easily accessible. Another
program in Evernote called Azendoo, allows students to take a photo of
class notes or a worksheet  which is also converted into a digital file.
Then, students can complete the worksheet on any of their devices and
 email the completed document to their teacher. This allows students to
not only easily complete and turn in their homework, but also save a
copy  if there is a problem later on or for review when studying for a

Evernote even has an app that improves the educational experience of
difficult math concepts which can often be awkward to learn on a
computer. Through a program called Scalar, students have access to a
digital notebook which helps map out and store the entire process of
solving lengthy math equations. Scalar even includes a calculator for
crunching numbers and other features where numbers can be color coded or
crossed out to help students visualize solving math problems. Later,
students can return to their account on any tablet, phone, or laptop and
review all of the steps required to solve long and abstract math
equations. Further, they have a copy of the math notes that are clear
and easy to read.

Overall, Evernote has a number of innovative and extremely useful
programs that improve the organization and collaboration of students in
the classroom. In addition to Evernotes programs such as StudyBlue,
RefMe, eHighlighter, Azendoo, and Scalar, have even more programs that
student and teachers can benefit from in and out of the classroom.
Plus, all of the data in a student’s account can be accessed from any
device using the internet  in a clear and easy to read format. Most of
all, Evernote is fantastic because it's technology is available at no
cost and helps more students through the implementation of technology in

The Effectiveness of Online Writing Labs (OWLs)

As the year 2015 quickly approaches, one interesting educational
technology tool to keep an eye is Online Writing Labs or OWLs. These
writing tools are designed to engage high school and college students in
improving their writing skills to fit what college professors are
looking for in essays and reports. More importantly, OWLs focus on
improving writing in general, an important skill to have in all careers,
regardless of the exact field of study in college. Different colleges
such as Purdue University and Excelsior College offer their versions of
OWLs online at no cost to users.

As OWLs are an online based technology, they can be accessed 24/7 from
any laptop, tablet, or other device from any place with an internet

Within the OWLs offered by Excelsior College, there are 8 different
modules for improving college level writing. There are modules that
focus on the actual process of writing. These processes  help students
think about how they should go about brainstorming, developing
arguments, looking at opposing viewpoints, and more. From there,
students can find modules that help lay the foundations of what to
include in their introductions and main content. In a series of fun to
read and interactive instructional pages, students can also learn how to
write without plagiarizing, control their voice, develop concise yet
effective thesis statements and more. Plus, these pages include tips on
how to revise and edit their papers so students can easily understand
what areas their professors are focusing on during the grading process.
One study showed that, on average, students using OWLs raised their
final grade in a course by 6.6 points. While this is great for
students’ transcripts in the short term, the long term benefit is
improved writing styles which they will inevitably take with them beyond
their educational career.

In addition to OWLs pages of content for improving writing, Excelsior
College’s OWL  includes modules on how to craft writing for different
audiences. There is an essay module and a grammar module which guides
students  on how to write in the type of rhetoric that professors look
for while retaining the proper grammar and format in their college
essays. Another module that is especially useful is the digital writing
module which instructs students on how to write for readers in the 21st
Century. This includes information on writing blogs, discussion
boards, online journals, social media, and more. To help pull all of
these skills together, there is an interactive game called Paper Capers,
which helps students apply what they have learned in the OWL. The game
is designed to teach students how to understand the writing process and
apply their knowledge by answering questions and judging if aspects of
writing, such as different thesis statements and research methods, are

Overall, regardless of the field of study in college, writing is an
important skill which will follow students for the rest of their lives.
Therefore, OWLs are a great resource for students  as they contain a
wealth of knowledge and interactive media for improving writing skills
and style at no cost. Plus, the programs online format enables them to
be accessible from anywhere with any device at anytime. OWLs will no
doubt go on to improve the quality of education as more students can
utilize technology towards improving their education.

A New and Innovative Education Platform

One of the newest technologies to keep an eye on in 2015 is a creative
education platform called ForClass. Teachers and professors are already
extremely busy and find it increasingly difficult to prepare for class.
ForClass is a platform geared towards easing the difficulties in
preparing for classes while engaging students.

ForClass  enables teachers to assign questions to students for homework.
These questions may be a guided reading, pop quiz, or a list of key
concepts. As students answer these questions, teachers get an
understanding of how each question is answered. This enables teachers
to structure their lecture on the areas were students struggled.
Further, ForClass gives teachers the statistical breakdown of how each
student did on the assignment. Therefore, teachers can see where
individual students are having difficulties and offer them help. This
provides an easier education for each student individually. Over the
course of a semester, ForClass can track a student’s progress, thereby
enabling teachers to determine each student’s reasoning in answering

One of the most important benefits of ForClass is how simple it is for
the user. Teachers are able to quickly and effortlessly post questions
and assignments for students to complete. The class results of each
question for each individual student show up in real time for the
teacher, in a simple format. Plus, teachers have an archive of all of
their students’ responses at their fingertips. Students have also
described  ForClass as a straightforward platform that encourages them
to become more engaged in class. Students can log on and view each
assignment for each class and answer each question at their own pace.
As ForClass is web-based, any student with a laptop, tablet, or even a
smart phone with a wireless connection can complete their assignments
from almost anywhere.

ForClass also affords the opportunity for teachers to use this
innovative platform in a creative manner. Teachers can use ForClass to
assign take home quizzes or post lecture questions to see which topics
 confuse students. Plus, teachers can come up with their own creative
ways to implement the software in their classrooms that fit their
students needs best.

 Overall, ForClass has additional benefits by being a  low cost or in
some cases a free program for teachers and students. Plus, it is easy
to use for both teachers and students.In addition,  its ability to
enable students to critically think and have fun with class instruction
is a great benefit. Most of all, ForClass keeps students actively
engaged in class material and also benefits teachers by having a clear
understanding of their student’s grasp of the material. It is clear
that ForClass is an excellent addition to any classroom as it is easy to
implement into classrooms where students can utilize technology to
improve the quality of their education.

2014 is a year of reflection

2014 was a year spent reflecting on past achievements in education and their implications for international policy commitments in 2015 and beyond. Our blog remained a popular online hub and the year’s most frequently read posts reflect key topics of discussion and debate emerging during this pivotal historical period:
Quality education
2014-01-29-cover_enThe year began with the launch of the 2014 Report. The report focused on the importance of ensuring quality education for all, a topic of long-standing interest that gained renewed attention in this year’s report. An overview of the report highlights can be found in the blog, “Teaching and Learning: Achieving quality for all”.
The issue of good quality education was further emphasized in our Teacher Tuesday blogging project which told teachers’ stories from across the globe. The teachers talked of running classes during the conflict in Syria, grappling with multilingual classrooms in Honduras, fighting to overcome gender barriers in Afghanistan, teaching in the largest urban slum in Africa, dealing with the pressure of teacher shortages in Malawi and much more. The blogs highlighted the urgent need to increase education resources, hire qualified teachers and provide in-service training opportunities once teachers are in the classroom.

Women and education
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
In the post, Women’s education helps avert child marriage, the vital role that education plays in reducing child marriage and pregnancy was explored. Education gives girls and women the power to overcome discrimination. They become more aware of their rights and gain greater confidence and freedom to make life changing decisions on their own.
The photo blog: The state of girls’ education around the world highlights the chronic shortage of female teachers and the impact this has on the number of girls that enroll in school and finish their studies. It recommends that the post-2015 education goal include an explicit commitment to equity in education with clear, measureable targets and indicators to track progress.
Youth development
Several blogs in 2014 focused on the need to improve skill development for young people. In Youth is more than the theme of the day; it’s the theme of the decade, we revisited the 2012 report and looked at the need for outcome-oriented targets to ensure effective policy reform.
As part of a series of guest blogs, Abbie Raikes, Programme Specialist at UNESCO, explored the challenges of measuring early childhood development and learning and looked at how the post-2015 “data revolution” can work on behalf of young children.
Credit: Nguyen Thanh Tuan/UNESCO
Credit: Nguyen Thanh Tuan/UNESCO
Mother Tongue Education
Our 2014 report laid out strategies to ensure that children from minority backgrounds acquire strong foundation skills. In the blog, Children need to be taught in their mother language, we looked at how teaching children in an unfamiliar language can actually set them back. A bilingual and sequenced approach that includes mother tongue and the later introduces a second language, improves literacy acquisition and performance in other subjects.
Sustainable development
A newly launched booklet, Sustainable development begins with education, looked at education as a catalyst for each of the proposed post-2015 sustainable development goals including: Poverty reduction; nutrition improvement; health and wellbeing; education; gender equality and women’s empowerment; water and energy sustainability; economic growth and decent work; inequality reduction; environmental protection; and peace and just inclusive societies. The booklet emphasized collaboration across sectors as the only way to achieve comprehensible, equitable and lasting development.
Our final most popular post of 2014, Learning today for a sustainable future, highlighted an important point: while access to education is essential, equity and inclusion are also crucial factors for real progress in education. The post also looked at effective non-formal and second-chance learning programmes that provide critical opportunities for young people to return to school and acquire necessary life-skills.
We look forward to continuing to work together to improve education around the world and would like to thank our many readers and contributors. Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!